Drop Forge & Tool’s Creative Residencies are open to artists of all disciplines, backgrounds, and skill levels, who seek time and space away from their daily lives to focus on their creative process. We are located in two buildings about a mile apart in the city of Hudson, NY.

We currently take applications 3 times per year.

We specialize in short residencies of 3 - 10 days and prioritize applications from collaborative or co-working groups.

For more information on our residencies including links to previous and upcoming residents, go to the RESIDENCIES page on our website HERE.

This application is for group residencies during our upcoming Fall Session (Sept - Dec 2019).

Please note that Drop Forge & Tool's emphasis is on collaborative process and new work development.  We prioritize residency applications as follows.  

 1) Collaborative Group: A group of two or more artists looking to do concentrated work on a project together. Collaborative groups should designate one person to fill out one application.

 2) Co-working Group: A group of two or more artists who are not collaborating, but would like to share residency time and space together. Co-working groups should designate one person to fill out one application.

During this session the only residency program open to individual artists will be Experimentations in Collaborative Practice Across Disciplines.   October 29 - November 6.  The program will be open to individual artists interested in engaging in collaborative work to be facilitated by the Directors. Individual artists sharing space with other artists they do not know will have their own bedroom. Email us at residencies@dropforgeandtool.com if you are interested in learning more and receiving an application.

Drop Forge & Tool